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Sunday, January 23, 2011
Week 20

It is difficult to understand how a week after the victory against New England, the Jets could play so dreadfully during the first half - but that's how things are for them. They repeatedly missed tackles and allowed 3rd down conversions. On offense, their offensive line was totally outplayed by the Steelers' front seven.

Although the Jets outplayed the Steelers during the second half, they continued their habit of having long drives without scoring points. On their 17 play eight minute drive, the play calling was excellent until they had first and goal at the 2. The 2nd down play on which the play call came very late was especially inexcusable; the 3rd and 4th down calls were also uninspired to say the least.

When the Jets pulled within five, the defense could not make the essential stop to give the offense a chance for the win.

While not quite as dramatic, this game was reminiscent of the 1981 wildcard loss to the Bills, in which the Jets fell behind 24-0 and then lost 31-27 on a Bills INT at the 2 yard line in the final seconds.

My earliest Super Bowl memory is Pittsburgh over Dallas in Super Bowl XIII - a decade after the Jets' only appearance. While the possibility of the Jets playing in a Super Bowl for the first time in 42 years was exciting, longtime Jets fans knew to keep expectations modest.

Perhaps one day there will be a Super Bowl in which the Jets play. Maybe we will even see them win a championship.

Either way, every September, those of us who are die hard fans will be back suffering with the Jets.