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Friday, June 03, 2011
Gary Carter

I was thrilled when the Mets acquired Gary Carter, and was a big fan of his during his five seasons with the Mets. Both Carter and the Mets deserve some blame for his recent distance from the franchise. The Mets tend to be aloof toward some of their former stars - so much so that David Cone and Al Leiter are now regarded as Yankees. In Carter's case, while he seems like a great guy, he has said some dumb things over the years.

Carter's current medical situation is very sad and unfortunate - but not itself a reason for the Mets to now retire his number, as a growing number of commentators are demanding.

If the Mets want to retire the numbers of both Carter and Keith Hernandez, it would be fine with me. But both are borderline cases - with Hernandez slightly more deserving of the honor than Carter.