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Friday, February 17, 2006
Anatomy Of An Aborted Column

Monday night, February 13: I receive a tip via e-mail about the planned assembly at The Fieldston School.

Tuesday afternoon, February 14: I obtain verification that the assembly would indeed be taking place.

Tuesday night, February 14: I post about the assembly on this site.

Wednesday, February 15: I begin drafting a column on the matter for publication in next week's Jewish Press.

Thursday morning, February 16: I exchange correspondence with a daily newspaper relating to the possibility of publication of the column in that newspaper too, and submit a column for consideration.

Thursday night, February 16: I confirm that nobody else has written about this assembly.

Friday morning, February 17:

1. I read the New York Times report on The Fieldston School assembly, including that it has been cancelled.

2. I e-mail the original tipster asking why I was not informed of the cancellation. I have not yet heard back.

3. I e-mail the contact at the daily newspaper, withdrawing my column for consideration on its op-ed page.

4. After briefly considering revising the column to reflect the new circumstances, I e-mail the Jewish Press that it would be best not to publish the piece.