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Friday, September 05, 2008
Musings On McCain/Palin

1. I am obviously on a very different wavelength than my staunchly conservative friends:

Not only did I have no idea what Sarah Palin was talking about for much of her rant, I found her speech to be shrill and divisive. If Hillary Clinton had been as nasty, the same people who loved Palin's speech would call Hillary a b*tch.

2. Much of McCain's speech was nothing special, but it struck a much better tone than what went on for the first two days of the Republican convention.

3. Ultimately, for me, as an American engaged in the political process who nevertheless will not be voting, it appears that Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John McCain are qualified to be president.

Palin as vice president is the same type of politically expedient but reckless thinking that led Israel to end up with Ehud Olmert as Ariel Sharon's deputy prime minister and later Amir Peretz as Olmert's defense minister. And Olmert was much more experienced than Palin is.

4. A few months ago, I wrote:
Social conservatives rail against the large number of abortions performed in the U.S. But then the same people repeatedly ridicule pregnant teen TV star Jamie Lynn Spears, who, according the media, intends to raise her child and marry the father.

It's nice to know that social conservatives have belatedly come around to my perspective, now that Bristol Palin is pregnant.