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Thursday, September 17, 2009
OU At The White House II

In a post two months ago, I criticized the Orthodox Union for its failure to articulate policy disagreements with the Obama Administration during the meeting at the White House attended by invited Jewish "leaders," including OU President Stephen Savitsky. I wrote at that time that this was "a betrayal of the public the OU purports to represent."

This week's Jewish Star reports on Savitsky recounting of that meeting, including this:
Savitsky took time to reprimand White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

“They all say he’s a foul-mouthed person and as a Jew, a menuval [a disgusting person]. I find it offensive. He’s a mishneh l’melech [advisor to a king], the language he uses ... I think it’s very unbecoming as a Jewish person.”
Savitsky has denied calling Emanuel a "menuval" but has otherwise confirmed the veracity of this criticism.

For the head of the OU to make a statement like this in a public forum is an absolute disgrace and another betrayal of the community the OU purports to represent.

If Savitsky wants to make foolish comments about the White House Chief of Staff, he should resign his position and join the rest of the frum people who pontificate about political events. Perhaps he can even start a blog.

He has no right, in his position as head of what is perceived to be a major Orthodox organization, to issue a totally unnecessary personal attack on Rahm Emanuel. His statements are an embarrassment and will obviously contribute nothing positive to Israel or to any part of the Jewish community.